Medical and Health Sciences Institute

Our Mission and Vision

The purpose of Medical and Health Sciences Institute is to provide a high-quality online education in the healthcare field to those who cannot attend to a traditional on-campus school. As a licensed and accredited school (see licence and accreditation in ABOUT US), we provide high-quality programs designed to educate entry level students to perform as safe and competent heathcare providers, adaptable to a variety of settings. MSHI provides an accessible and self-paced online learning environment for students to attain academic success and cultural growth, to build and expand their knowledge and skills, and to develop both as individuals and as citizens of our communities.

Se ofrecen clases en Español aunque para residentes en Estados Unidos se sugiere hacerlo en Ingles para mayores oportunidades de empleo. Estudiantes que no pueden asistir a las escuelas en persona debido a su esquema de trabajo, proveemos una experiencia de aprendizaje en linea y a su propio paso, sin fechas limites dentro del programa o curso. Esto significa que usted puede estudiar desde cualquier lugar, en cualquier horario, y avanzar en los cursos de acuerdo a su propio esquema de estudio.

How Medical and Health Sciences Institute works?

Online Learning with LIVE conferences.

Study from the comfort of your home or wherever you are and create your study schedule according to your needs.

Each student at Medical and Health Sciences Institute has a personal, customized path that is specifically built for her/his goals, skill level, and pace. Regardless of where you are located, you will receive high-quality education from experienced faculty members who are always available through online channels.

At Medical and Health Sciences Institute, we are proud to offer the online, high-quality, personalized, and flexible educational experience that each and every student needs.