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Home Health Aide

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This is a 75-hour program designed to prepare students for employment as a home attendant, or Home Health Aide or homemaker for private patients, in a Home Health Agency, and as independent contractors.

The content of this program will be delivered in a hybrid mode. The program includes, but is not limited to, instruction in those suppor­tive services that are required to provide and maintain bodily and emotional comfort and to assist the patient toward independent living in a safe environment such as home-making skills, checking and recording vital signs, transfer to a wheelchair, turn and reposition of the patient, body alignment, health care delivery systems, basics of medical records services, legal and ethical responsibilities, and employability skills.


The program provides videos of all skills required for the successful training of Home Health Aide students. These videos show how to perform the practical skills step by step. Once students cover the theoretical frame every week, they come and practice the skills in a physical classroom fully equipped for practicing with the instructor. This will allow the instructor to make sure that students master all skills accurately.

\Students can take this program in English or bilingual (Spanish).

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